16 Aug

If you're like me, and love the taste of ginger in almost anything, then you're in luck because ginger has so many benefits! Here are 5 reasons to add some more ginger into your life.

1. Reduces Nausea

Several studies have shown that the active compounds in ginger, called 'gingerols' and  'shogaols', interact with our receptors and can help relieve nausea. So next time you are feeling nauseous try some ginger tea!

2. Aids digestion

Ginger can be very calming on our stomach. If you are starting to feel bloated or unwell after a meal try having some ginger. Or, if you want to be a bit proactive, add some ginger to your meal instead and see if that helps prevent it! The 'gingerols' in ginger have been shown to help our body release enzymes to break down our food more quickly. 

3. Anti inflammatory effects

The active compounds in ginger can help to inhibit the hormones that cause inflammation in our body. If you suffer from muscle or joint pain/injury, ginger is definitely something worth trying!

4. Ease menstrual pains

Due to its ant-inflammatory properties, ginger can help reduce menstrual pains and cramping. 

5.  Cold and Flu relief

Ginger is an anti microbial, this means that it helps fight bacteria and infection. It also boosts your circulation and warms your body. So add some ginger into your diet to help your immune system do its best work!

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