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Hi! My name is Leilah and I'm the Clinical Nutritionist and founder of Better Living Nutrition.

After completing a Double Degree in Sport Science and Nutrition at University, I decided to make it my goal to pass on my knowledge and passion for balanced nutrition with others. What better way to do that than to make it my business! My approach to Nutrition is based around helping you create non restrictive habits and build a healthy relationship with food; there is no good or bad, just balance. All our dietary plans and advice focus on positive food relationships and don't encourage/require restrictive eating habits.

I am a Clinical Nutritionist, Registered Health Practitioner and also a Personal Trainer. This means I can confidently help guide you in the ways of both general nutrition and fitness. I also specialise in areas such as non-restrictive weight management (finding your body's natural healthy weight), fatigue management, food intolerances, coeliac disease, nutrition in children and sports nutrition.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you in- clinic or online!

Our home clinic is located in the suburb of Tapping. Within the City of Wanneroo and close to the City of Joondalup.
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Positive Food Relationships

Do you feel out of control around certain foods? Our goal is to help you create a more balanced relationship with food. No food is banned and no food is restricted. Say goodbye to restrictive diets and learn to create a more balanced diet in a positive way!

Non-Restrictive Weight Management

The key to finding your healthiest weight is ensuring you are eating regularly and, most importantly, eating enough! Weight management should not require food restriction. Restriction isn't a long term solution - if it was, there wouldn't be so many diets out there!

Energy and Wellness - Fatigue

Are you exhausted by 2pm? We often dismiss this as a normal feeling but it may be due to not eating enough throughout the day! Or, what we are eating, isn't meeting our nutritional needs. There are several simple ways to work through this - we can help find what suits you!

Food Intolerance Management

Living with food intolerances can be complicated and confronting at first. One of the main issues can be working out what exactly you ARE intolerant to. However, it doesn't need to be complicated. I can help you along the way!

Coeliac Disease

Being diagnosed can be challenging so it's important to get the correct advice. As a Coeliac myself, I can help you along that journey. There are many ways to manage it & live a healthy life!

Exercise Nutrition

Are you eating enough to support the sport/exercise you do each day? Whether you're exercising for competition, or for leisure, its important to be eating well so that you can feel great and be your best.

Childhood Nutrition

From fussy eaters to little athletes. Sometimes we just need to check that we are on the right track with our child's nutrition.

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Online Nutrition Tracking

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$65-75 per week

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The word 'Nutritionist' isn't a legally protected name in Australia. Due to this, it is important to make sure the Nutritionist you would like to see is a fully qualified health professional. University qualified Nutritionists have undertaken years of study in food science, eating behaviour and how nutrition affects our health. They will also be registered with a governing body, for example, I am a registered practitioner with the Complementary Medicines Association (CMA).

The best way to make sure you are seeing a qualified Nutritionist is to check that they hold full membership with a governing body and also hold a Bachelors Degree in Nutrition. 
During your 50 minute initial consult where we will undertake:
  • a review of any supplements and medications you are taking
  • a review of any medical conditions/food allergies
  • a comprehensive dietary assessment 
  • a lifestyle assessment
We will then discuss your current dietary and lifestyle habits and how they are affecting your health and well being. During your consult you are encouraged to ask any and all questions you may have as this is your time! We will tailor an individual plan encompassing eating and lifestyle recommendations best suited to your needs.

Unlike most Nutrition consultations, we do not leave you hanging at the end of your consult! We ensure to stay in touch online in between consults too - this way we can make sure everything is on track and going smoothly!
Yourself, of course! It is also encouraged that you bring a note pad with any questions you may have (this is purely so you don't forget to ask; this consult is your time so we want to make sure you get all the information you need from us).

You are welcome to bring a note pad and pen if you would like. However, be assured that we will send out a consultation summary for you after the appointment. This way you will have access to all the information discussed!
Our outdoor sessions aim to be fun! Your first session will focus on getting a good picture of your current fitness levels and learning what exercises you enjoy. All sessions are based around exercises you enjoy and building on this over time! 
Yes, your baby &/or children are more than welcome to come to your PT sessions. As long as your children are happy to keep themselves occupied and your baby is happy to stay in the pram (as the floor may have various equipment out and about).
Yes, depending on your insurance provider and your health cover you may be able to claim a rebate for your Nutrition consult! Please check with your insurance provider if you are unsure if they cover Nutritionists. 
  • 36 Yandella Promenade, Tapping WA, Australia
  • *Close to: Carramar, Banksia Grove, Ashby, Joondalup, Hocking, Wanneroo and Northern Suburbs


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