Positive Food Relationships

Do you feel out of control around certain foods? Our goal is to help you create a more balanced relationship with food. No food is banned and no food is restricted. Say goodbye to restrictive diets and learn to create a more balanced diet in a positive way!

Non-Restrictive Weight Management

The key to finding your healthiest weight is ensuring you are eating regularly and, most importantly, eating enough! Weight management should not require food restriction. Restriction isn't a long term solution - if it was, there wouldn't be so many diets out there!

Energy and Wellness - Fatigue

Are you exhausted by 2pm? We often dismiss this as a normal feeling but it may be due to not eating enough throughout the day! Or, what we are eating, isn't meeting our nutritional needs. There are several simple ways to work through this - we can help find what suits you!

Food Intolerance Management

Living with food intolerances can be complicated and confronting at first. One of the main issues can be working out what exactly you ARE intolerant to. However, it doesn't need to be complicated. I can help you along the way!

Coeliac Disease

Being diagnosed can be challenging so it's important to get the correct advice. As a Coeliac myself, I can help you along that journey. There are many ways to manage it & live a healthy life!

Exercise Nutrition

Are you eating enough to support the sport/exercise you do each day? Whether you're exercising for competition, or for leisure, its important to be eating well so that you can feel great and be your best.

Childhood Nutrition

From fussy eaters to little athletes. Sometimes we just need to check that we are on the right track with our child's nutrition.